An anchor entwined with rope is part of  traditional O'Loughlin symbols, along with "Anchora Salutis" meaning  'Anchor of Salvation'.
I have shown the "Anchor under the Southern Cross" denoting the title of the book about our particular branch of O'Loughlins in Australia.
That O'Loughlin Irish anchor is firmly and proudly planted in Australian soil.




                         Compiled by Stan O'Loughlin




There are many O'Loughlins throughout Australia.
This website relates largely to the family descended from Cornelius O'Loughlin and his wife Ann Barry originating from County Clare, Ireland.
They were early settlers in South Australia
Stan O'Loughlin is one of their many descendants.

This site also includes genealogy of other forebears of Stan O'Loughlin along with some of his many interests.

















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